Integrated Sustainable Design

Service Spotlight: Structural Engineering with Bryan Seamer

Posted by Carina Calhoun on Thu, Feb 04, 2016

As part of a continuing series on this blog, we’ll take a look at members from each of our services to highlight LPA’s integrated design process and showcase our commitment to sustainable design.

Bryan Seamer, SE

Associate / Director of Structural Engineering

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Topics: Bryan Seamer, sustainble design, structural engineer, Integrated Design, Structural Engineering

Mobile Learning for 21st Century Schools

Posted by Kate Mraw on Fri, Jan 22, 2016

Digital natives—those born into today’s high-tech, 21st century environment—require an engaging curriculum to match their diverse learning styles and the digital tools used to share knowledge and information. Educational design and planning must support not only mobile devices, but mobile students. Whether it’s the device or the student, connectivity counts. Here are five tips to promote mobile learning in the classroom:

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Topics: educational design, K-12 Schools, 21st century schools, Kate Mraw, Student-Centered Design

A Reimagined Sustainable Courtyard Space

Posted by Gus Puertas on Thu, Jan 07, 2016

The newly renovated Vine, a half-acre courtyard between buildings 5151 and 5161 California Ave at University Research Park in Irvine, California, was originally designed by LPA for the Irvine Company in 1998 with the completion of the four building complex. The Irvine Company approached LPA in 2014 to repurpose this courtyard and the interior of the 5151 building with an opportunity to not only design a space that LPA’s staff could use, but a space with a new program that embraces a creative office environment.

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Topics: Landscape Architecture, Landscape, Sustainable Landscape Design, Outdoor Workspace

A Year of Celebration

Posted by Dan Heinfeld on Fri, Dec 18, 2015

It’s been quite a year at LPA. Not only has our firm grown a great deal since the beginning of the year—we’re now at more than 300 employees—but we’ve been busy celebrating our 50th anniversary as well. While our firm has evolved since 1965, our 50th anniversary is a testimony to two important constants at LPA: great clients and great people. This significant milestone speaks to our distinct history and commitment to sustainable design practices and completing projects that enhance the lives of those who use them every day.

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Topics: LPA University, Sustainable Design, Tree Planting Project, LPA50, LPA Foundation

Guidelines to a Successful Makerspace in Educational Environments

Posted by Emily Koch on Thu, Dec 10, 2015

“Makerspaces” are everywhere in educational facility discussions these days. If you’re unfamiliar, a makerspace is a space designed for students to explore and work through educational concepts via hands-on experimentation. Additionally, access to a makerspace may increase creative outputs in student projects.

Therefore, in order to be successful to improving student comprehension and retention, here are some guidelines that should be considered when implementing a makerspace in new construction or renovation:

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Topics: K-12 School Design, Emily Koch, Educational Facilities, K-12 Schools, Learning Environments

LPA Principal Spotlight: Jim Wirick

Posted by Carina Calhoun on Thu, Dec 03, 2015

As part of our 50-year anniversary, we'll meet with each of the firm Principals and get their take on LPA, current projects and of course, sustainable design.

Jim Wirick, AIA / LEED AP


Urban Design Studio / Civic

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Topics: West Hollywood Park, Sustainable Design, Jim Wirick, LPA 50

Top Trends Shaping Student-Centered Design

Posted by Kate Mraw on Fri, Nov 20, 2015

The only constant in educational design is change. To innovate, we must explore and imagine a future that engages students and empowers development of a culture for lifelong learning. Having an understanding and awareness of how students work and learn best as individuals encourages a deeper look at the design of an environment. Here are six concepts to promote student-centered design in the classroom:

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Topics: K-12 Schools, 21st century schools, Kate Mraw, Student-Centered Design

5 Design Strategies for Long-Term Care Facilities

Posted by Elise Drakes on Thu, Nov 12, 2015

Our life expectancy has increased 40 years since 1880. Leading longer lives will create a host of challenges in our future, but as designers, we also have a remarkable opportunity to enhance the lives of older adults, which will ultimately benefit us all.

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Topics: LPA Healthcare, Smart Design Strategies, Healthcare Design, Long-Term Care

Principal Spotlight: Dave Gilmore

Posted by Carina Calhoun on Thu, Nov 05, 2015

As part of our 50-year anniversary, we'll meet with each of the firm Principals and get their take on LPA, current projects and of course, sustainable design.

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Topics: K-12 School Design, Sustainable Design, LPA San Diego, Dave Gilmore, LPA 50

How Active Design is Reshaping Higher Education Campuses

Posted by Glenn Carels on Fri, Oct 23, 2015

Some of the biggest challenges impacting today’s students’ well-being and success include stress, lack of sleep and depression. All have been shown to improve through an active lifestyle and awareness of health and wellness.

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Topics: Cal Poly Pomona BRIC, Holistic Campus, Higher Education, Higher Education Facilities, Recreation Centers, CSU Northridge Oasis Wellness Center, Active Design

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