Taking Environmental Leadership to the Next Level

2015-03-060014This past weekend, LPA not only talked the talk of environmental stewardship but walked the walk. Tree plantings were held in Irvine, Sacramento and San Diego to commemorate LPA’s 50th anniversary. Fifty trees were planted in each location with their partnering organization to celebrate California Arbor Week and provide much needed forestation to the communities.

Headed by LPA’s landscape architecture studio, the tree planting events were an opportunity to provide education to fellow community members about the benefits of sustainability and environmental leadership—a mission LPA is extremely passionate about. Volunteers from each LPA office location, joined by family and friends, dug in the dirt and got their hands dirty to plant the trees.

“We have planned a few events in 2015 to celebrate our 50th anniversary and solidify our legacy. LPA planting 250 trees—one for each of our employees—is a project that totally made sense given our sustainability focus and commitment,” said LPA President Dan Heinfeld, FAIA. “We are honored to be allowed to contribute to our communities with the various partnering organizations.”IMG_5798-1

In Irvine, more than 40 LPA volunteers from the Irvine office gathered at Bommer Canyon to plant 50 native trees to help restore and enhance the natural habitat. In partnership with the Irvine Ranch Conservancy, Bommer Canyon Wilderness Park beckons walkers, hikers and all outdoor enthusiasts.

A recent burn area in Oceanside, California called to restore the habitat with 50 Coast Live Oak trees in Guajome Regional Park in partnership with San Diego Parks and Recreation. LPA San Diego volunteers invested their time and efforts to planting trees in small groups. The park is home to an adobe ranch which is one of the finest examples of Anglo-Hispanic architecture. Live oak trees provide food and shelter to nearly half of California’s land-based vertebrae species.

Teaming up with Western Placer Unified School District, the tree planting event in Sacramento, California was planned to help restore Lincoln High School Farm’s orchard and enhance the District’s agricultural educational programs. Lincoln High School Farm is thought to be the largest high school farm in the state. “There’s nothing so honorable or so honest as putting your hands in dirt and know you’re doing it for kids,” said Barret Hess, Agriculture Sciences Teacher of Lincoln High School. The 50 assorted fruit, nut and olive oil trees volunteers planted will help to enhance the orchard management and agricultural science program for the District and Sierra College Students alike.

LPA office locations in San Jose and San Antonio tree planting events will follow and be held on Earth Day on April 22nd and National Arbor Day on April 24, bringing the total trees planted to 250—symbolizing one tree for every LPA employee.

(To view the California Arbor Day Tree Planting video, click Play below.)


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