LPA University: Cultivating Trust in Healing Environments

_DSC1950A crucial element in every healthcare organization is trust. Healthcare services which address pivotal life moments for patients and caregivers can make or break a person’s confidence in their provider. Consequently, healthcare designers have a tremendous opportunity to channel these impactful life moments into positive experiences with elevated consumer confidence.

By studying two distinct types of healthcare facilities in which pivotal life moments take center stage, parallels can be drawn to illustrate the essential components of cultivating patient trust and creating purpose for all stakeholders. Fertility clinics and long-term care facilities serve vastly different clientele, yet both offer a look into the universal truths of human vulnerability which are at the core of healthcare design.

To commemorate LPA’s 50th anniversary this year, we have taken our education program, LPA+U, to the public with a live webinar series. This month, Architect and LPA Principal Rick Wood, AIA, and Project Manager Elise Drakes, deliver their expertise and experience in cultivating trust and purpose in healing environments.

An exploration of fertility clinics and long-term living will uncover similarities in the issues faced by patients, the caregivers who invest emotionally and financially and the driving forces behind successful sustainable design strategies for these healthcare facilities. Viewers will take a closer look at the processes involved in creating life at fertility clinics, as well as the processes involved in a person’s transition to long-term care, and the ways in which these two pivotal life moments center upon trust. Furthermore, case studies will illustrate the importance of enhancing the patient experience and creating a sense of purpose for staff and patients alike.

Viewers will learn about trends on the horizon influencing change for healthcare, as well as the economic and cultural factors most significantly impacting the consumers of healthcare delivery. Ultimately, participants will learn ways to apply these principles of cultivating patient trust and purpose to other healthcare services, as well as the relevance to other industries.

What you'll learn at LPA+U:

  • How changes in the economic and home environments are influencing the changing consumer of fertility clinics.
  • How the Baby Boomer generation is changing the game for healthcare facilities.
  • The crucial factors in building and maintaining patient and consumer trust.
  • Why fertility clinics and environments for aging populations are not as different as you might think: the common threads uniting consumer-centric healthcare design.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday, June 25, 2015 at 12 PM Pacific. AIA members can also receive continuing education units (your AIA member number is required.) Sign up now to reserve your spot.

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