LPA Principal of the Week: Charles Pruitt

As part of a continuing feature on this blog, we'll meet each of the firm Principals and get their take on LPA, current projects and of course, sustainable design.

LPA CFO Charless PruittCharles Pruitt, LEED AP and CFO of LPA Inc.

Q. How long have you worked at LPA?

A. 16 years and two lifetimes worth.

Q. What do you love most about your job?

A. The variety and the change. It seems to me that LPA is constantly re-inventing itself and becoming better, broader, and more interesting. The people never cease to amaze me with their talent, zeal and creativity.

Q. What does a day in the life of Charles Pruitt look like?

A. Iced tea in the morning to start, a quick check on the markets, a little talk radio (I love policy issues and debate), maybe an audio book on the drive in to work; I am still trying to get to the Outliers book since Blink and The Tipping Point were so good. Once I get to work the pace is a little frenetic with probably 10 to 15 different special projects touched during the day and 2 to 5 meetings. A lot of my time is spent dealing with issues, requests and problems that come up during the day. Usually, I get to start my work around 5 p.m. and I try to make some headway in planning and long term goals once things quiet down around that time. More news, audio or phone calls on the way home. Once there, I like to watch a good football game with my wife and two daughters (all big fans!). Sometimes a quick ride on my new motorcycle or wine tasting with friends (but not both!).

LPA Tag lineQ. What project are you working on this minute? What does it entail?

A. One of the most exciting new projects I am working on is a set of initiatives to provide visual data feedback on project performance metrics; quick visuals to tell you about the health of your project, team, segment, etc. This is in close conjunction with Dave Olson and others in Information Systems and IT. We are also close to rolling out a new, easier budgeting tool.

Q. What do you love most about sustainable design?

A. It eliminates waste. At its very core sustainable design is about using resources effectively and in an efficient manner. My life experience is that there are many people who lack just basic things. We can make this a better world for everyone and even reduce conflict by using resources well. I want my kids to grow up in a safer world where they are not fighting with others over scarce resources.

Charles Pruitt is CFO at California-based LPA, Inc. He is one of the few CFO's who is a LEED Accredited Professional.