Sustainability – Keeping it Real [Green]

Sustainability, pffff, so what? To be honest, it's not what I thought about as a kid going off with my legos trying to replicate my grandfather's house. It's not even what I thought about as a college student sketching ideas while in biology class. I just wanted to design cool buildings, okay.

Keeping Sustainability RealSustainability, what's the big deal? It's not a new concept, it's been practiced by master builders since the beginning of architecture. And if you think about it, most successful buildings are the ones that have managed to engage in a dialogue with their surroundings, almost a symbiotic relationship where both benefit from each other.

Okay. So I love design, and sustainability should really be just a part of its process. But what does it have to do with me? How can I chip in? Wait a second, I'm a designer in an architectural firm ... a leading sustainable design firm, and a damn good one too. So how can I not take this opportunity to do what I love and push it a step further?

Sustainability and architecture, how do they really come together to become "green architecture" or simply a "sustainable" building? It's not rocket science. For the most part it spurs from good, sound design. Optimize solar orientation by siting the building correctly, use energy efficient building systems, recycle and use recyclable materials, be efficient with resources  and just be mindful of the environment, really. But it can certainly get complex with systems such as photovoltaic arrays, fuel cells, and green roofs.  Either way, it all contributes to a better design and makes for one cool -- in more ways than one -- building.

Through this blog I will show you snippets of what it is we do. I want you to see how sustainability really becomes a part of the design process, and eventual reality. I just want to keep it real [green].