CASH Promotes Energy Efficient Schools

C.A.S.H.'s High Performance Schools Committee, which I am fortunate to chair, just released their Planning for Energy Efficiency kit. Highlights include establishing a baseline, energy benchmarking, goal setting, development of a formal energy master plan, funding options like Savings by Design, retro-commissioning, and more.

Several of LPA's energy efficient k-12 schools are featured in the kit as well.

Cesar Chavez Elementary School, Long Beach, Calif.

Energy efficient features: CHPS Certified and Savings by Design

Beverly Hills High SchoolBeverly Hills High School Science & Technology Building, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Energy efficient features: CHPS Designed and Savings by Design

Paramount High School Addition, Paramount, Calif.

Energy efficient features: Solar Panels

As a long term supporter of C.A.S.H. (the Coalition for Adequate School Housing) and their mission, I am thrilled to help publish material of this kind and I look forward to the positive changes that this information will bring about. Even in our own firm, energy audits and master plans are now services that we offer. The winds of change are blowing and with efficiency at the forefront, the possibilities are endless.

C.A.S.H. was formed in 1978 to promote, develop, and support state and local funding for the construction of K-12 schools. Since 1982, C.A.S.H. has sponsored or supported over $52 billion in statewide school bonds to build and/or modernize thousands of schools.