A [class]room for K-12 Schools

A class is "a group of students meeting regularly to study a subject under the guidance of a teacher."

We build four walls around a class - and now we have a classroom. But wait, then we add technology into the classroom to bring the class beyond the boundaries of those very four walls. Makes you wonder why we built those four walls in the first place.

K-12 ClassroomGuidance. That's the key word in the definition above. Students need the guidance of a teacher to encourage and influence their studies. Keeping the students confined to a space and giving them a destination to find that teacher is why we need the room, right?

As an Interior Designer for K-12 schools, that's my current mission. To create the [perfect] room through envisioning how students learn, interact, respond to and thrive in the classroom. As technology rapidly advances, it is key to make each space as flexible as possible. Classrooms should encourage collaboration, experimentation, and instruction. With these activities, however, also comes the need for the inevitable storage, proper lighting and equipment that is essential to daily activities.

Follow my blog as I analyze the various aspects of a space and what makes a successful classroom for the future.