Design Dreams Shape Construction

Have you ever wondered how the process of building your dream project works? I'm regularly asked the question once someone learns that I am an architect. Normally, people want to know how long it takes, the current cost of construction, something about the architect they have recently hired or this word "green" they are hearing on every channel and web site they visit.

Based upon these questions I thought others might enjoy a glimpse into the process of conceptualizing and building a project.  Over the next year and half, I'd like to share with you the process of design and construction from the initial client meeting to the grand opening. Hopefully, you will enjoy and be inspired to pursue your own dream project.

Last July, we meet with a diverse group of people who represented the people and city of Fullerton, Calif. All of whom were brought together to pursue the City's dream of an expanded and modernized public library. The personalities span the spectrum from an elderly person representing the interest of the Library Book Store to the youthful IT director representing the interest of technological progress.

Fullerton LibraryThe initial challenge is to develop a concept that marries the needs, aspirations and budgets of this diverse group that is both functional and beautiful. With such a mandate, the process begins with the very public presentations of design concepts that strive to meet the needs and design aesthetic of the City. This is where the project grows and improves as architects receive and process criticism provided by the various stake holders.

As we learn from those who represent the project and continue to develop the design, we remain cognizant of the ever present issue of budget. Alignment of the design and the budget is continually being confirmed and the project transforms accordingly. At times this can be both frustrating, due to concessions that must be made, and rewarding as the design concept blossoms. For the Fullerton Library this process has taken about nine months, but has resulted in a sustainable design that is functional, beautiful, and within the project budget. 

From this point on, I plan to share with you, over the next several months, the process by which the design concept is brought to a reality. Join me.